What is Calculator Edge? is an online Calculator tool which has several formula and equations, one can solve complex problems at click of button.
Who uses Calculator Edge ?
We have several visitors from Engineers to Students, we have a very specific audience related to engineering & technology field. Every day we get 6000 Unique hits and visitors range from USA (50%), Europe (30%) and Asia (20%) on an average. Our tool is also widely used in University Departments as reference and teaching tool.
Why Advertise Online ?
Today Internet Online Advertisement has taken over many Print Media as well as Television, it is an research that magazine advertisement are waste as people do not read 150 page magazine in detail, there goal is to read the articles of interest and in between if they notice the advertise, they do not contact the company and just browse through it, while in Online advertisement they not only see the advertisement but also have a web link which they can click to see more information on the advertisement.
Internet Advertising cost less compared to Print advertisement and you can monitor the input of the traffic from the advertisement, thus its total control on your advertisement revenue one can also every month keep changing the advertisement frequently to avoid spot blindness, with little cost.
Why Should you Advertise at Calculator Edge ?
As above said we have very targeted audience who have to deal with Engineering & Technology, they are always looking for new innovative products, we accept Banner advertisement in 2 different sizes to fit your needs.
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  3. See the below snap shot of the home page to see where the Group 1 & 2 spots are located.
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