Liquid Phase Diffusion Coefficient Calculator

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DAB = Diffusion Coefficient of Liquid Phase
        (Diffusion Coefficient of Solute A in Solvent B)
MB = Molecular Weight Of Solvent B
= Association Factor of Solvent B
T = Absolute Temperature
= Viscosity of Solvent B
VA = Molal Volume of Solute A

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Diffusion can be defined as mixing of two or more substances or the net motion of a substance from an area of high concentration to an area of low concentration.

Diffusion Coefficient can be defined as a factor of proportionality representing the amount of substance diffusing across a unit area through a unit concentration gradient in unit time.

A number of correlations have been proposed for predicting the diffusion coefficient for a binary mixture of solute A in solvent B (e.g. propane in chlorobenzene). The Wilke-Chang method estimates this coefficient for dilute solutions.