Let me take you on a journey. It's a short journey, I know you haven't got all day. A journey to a world where lines ruled...

The year was 1979, and computers could only be made to draw two things: one was a line, and the other was also a line. With clever arrangement, both these lines could be transformed into spaceships and big rocks and flying saucers and even more lines. And so, thanks to the line pioneers at Atari, we were blessed with the line-tastic Asteroids.

Your goal is to safely guide five frogs across the road and river so that they each in turn reach their lily pad homes. There are many obstacles along the way: if you're not too careful you could be flattened by a car, drowned in the river or eaten by a crocodile. So take it easy on the little froggies.

Your spaceship floats in space and you have to destroy all the asteroids, but the more you shoot the more you create. Watch out for the UFOs which can shoot back, and be careful: you only have one ship for every 10,000 points scored.