Interesting Math History

Question :
Why does a mile have to be 5280 ft ?

Answer :
The measurement known as a mile is a vestige of the Roman Empire's rule over Britain. The Romans had a measurement known as mille pasuum, or a thousand paces. A pace comprised five, possibly sandal shod, Roman feet. Using a mathematical calculation, we get 5,000 feet per mile.
The Roman Empire left the Britons in a quandary. They had a mile, consisting of 5,000 feet, and their own agricultural measurement, the furlong, used to measure the farmers' fields for the purpose of property deeds, etc. Instead of using the Roman foot in calculating the measure of a furlong, they used the distance a horse could pull a plow, in a linear fashion. They agreed that this measurement consisted 660 feet.
The British wished to marry the furlong to the mile, but, as they wanted a mile to comprise eight furlongs, totaling 5,280 feet, instead of the Roman 5,000 feet per mile, they had no choice but to select one of the two. Finally, they chose their measurement over the Roman measurement because, as property deeds at the time were measured in furlongs, or 660 feet, a change to the Roman measurement would short the farmer or landowner.