Interesting Math History

Question :
Where did Hindu-Arabic Number System originate ?

Answer :
The Hindu-Arabic numerals are said to have originated from the Arabs, Percians, Egyptians and Hindus. It is presumed that the intercourse among traders served to carry the sumbols from country to country, and therefore a conglomeration from the four different sources. However, the country which first used the largest number of numerals forms is said to be India.
The numeral system was developed in ancient India. Before the rise of the Arab Empire, the Hindu-Arabic numeral system was already moving West.

The nine numerals were adopted by the Arabs in the 9th century. It was initially known in the West as Arabic numerals because Arabs adopted the system from India in the ninth century and introduced in Europe through Arabic texts in tenth century though its Indian origins. Europeans therefore attributed the numerals to the Arabs, even though the Arabs themselves called them Hindu numerals.