Interesting Math History

Question :
How did the Fahrenheit and Centigrade temperature scales originate ?

Answer :
The first modern temperature scale is Fahrenheit scale. This was devised in 1714 by a scientist named Gabriel Robert Fahrenheit. Fahrenheit temperature scales is in common use for weather reports, medical thermometers etc.
However this scale was improved by Anders Celsius, a Swedish Astronomer and his new temperature scale has been adopted in many countries of the world.
However, most English speaking countries have continued to use the Fahrenheit scale and refer to the Celsius scale as Centigrade meaning 100 units temperature scale.

The Centigrade temperature unit has been set up using two reference temperatures : the temperature at which water normally freezes to ice was set as 0oC and the temperature at which water normally boils was set 100oC.

100 units on the Centigrade scale corresponds to 180 units on the Fahrenheit scale.