Number Magic

Question :
What is an Exponent ?

Answer :
The exponent is a number placed at the right of and above a symbol. The value assigned to the symbol, with this exponent is called a power of the symbol, although power is sometimes used in the same sense as exponent.
In General,
For, an the exponent is n.
For Example,
a4 = a x a x a x a or a multiplied by itself four times. In this case the exponent is 4.
Exponent is also known as the Index.
If the exponent is a positive integer, it indicates that the symbol is to be taken as a factor as many times as there are units in this integer. However, when the exponent is negative, it indicates that in addition to operation indicated by the numerical value of the exponent, the quantity is to be reciprocated.
For Example :
3-2 = 9-1 = 1/9 or (3-1)2 = 1/3