How to read Poker player behavior ?

Here are some of the more useful tells to bear in mind when assessing your fellow players' behavior.

THE HANDS HAVE IT look out for shaking hands when betting. With newer players this normally means excitement because they have a big hand. It is reverse nerves - they are not nervous because they think they are going to lose anyhow, but are excited that they might win.

EYES DOWN an involuntary short glance at their chips just after the flop usually means a player has hit their hand. In contrast, prolonged staring at the fl op - desperately searching for something - means they missed. Watch out for a bluff here.

THE CHIPS ARE IN he will watch what chips other players bet with. Large denomination chips often subconsciously indicate strength and confidence, whereas the same size bet but in small denomination chips suggests weakness or a bluff .

TALKING THE TALK when holding a strong hand players tend to be showing confidence, affable, talkative and relaxed. Agitated behavior or stilted, broken conversation suggests weakness on his side.

I'M IN an eagerness can reveal a lot things, key is if a player usually waits, pondering before calling, but then un-characteristically bets quickly. It is then likely they have a strong hand. Alternatively, taking your time to act can disguise a multitude of ruses, and is definitely unsettling for the rest of the table.