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HP 48gII Graphing Calculator

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HP 48gII Graphing Calculator

Product Features
  • Over 2,300 built-in functions
  • 128 K memory, 80.7 K available for programming and data storage
  • RPN, algebraic, and textbook data entry modes
  • Serial and IrDA ports
  • Makes 3D graphs, 2D and 3D plots

Product Description

The 48gII from HP is a graphing calculator designed for engineering, surveying, math, science, and statistics applications. With its large built-in library of functions and structured programming for creating applications, the 48gII is a powerful computational tool. The 131-by-64-pixel display is easy to see, while the textbook, traditional algebraic, and RPN entry modes provide an easy way to enter data and navigate the calculator's many features. The 48gII comes with over 2,300 built-in functions, including vector operations, math functions, scientific functions, graphing functions, statistical functions, programming functions, 3D graphing, 2D and 3D plots, and much more. An automatic power down feature helps maximize battery life, while 80.7 KB of user available memory provides space to store variables, expressions, and formulas for improved functionality.

Price : $104.83